Academic Work

 – I have published extensively and presented studies at National & International conferences.
 – I regularly enter patients into National & International clinical trials evaluating new and exciting anti-cancer drugs.
 – I   regularly peer review scientific papers for various Journals.
 – I have peer reviewed project proposals for Health Technology Assessment (National Institute for Health Research)
Selected research work
1. I am the UK chief investigator EORTC PEACE III trial in prostate Cancer. (Study title: A Randomized multicenter phase III trial comparing enzalutamide vs. a combination of Ra223 and enzalutamide in asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic castration resistant prostate cancer patients metastatic to bone. REC reference:16/EM/0017. Protocol number:1333-GUCG, EudraCT number:2014-00178)
2 I was the UK Chief Investigator for the trial of immunotherapy drug ipilimumab in prostate cancer (CA184043). UKCRN ID 7446
3 I was the UK chief investigator for the Radium 223 prostate RETREAMENT treatment trial which is included in the NCRN portfolio. (UKCRN ID 16329).
4 I was on the trial management group of RIB trial. (RIB : A multicentre randomised trial of single dose Radiotherapy compared to Ibandronate for localised metastatic bone pain). We presented the results at the European Cancer Conference in 2011 (Stockholm) and the final paper was published in highly acclaimed Journal of the National Cancer Institute .
5 In collaboration with European investigators, I (we) successfully finished recruitment (sample size 800 pts, personally 44 pts) to a Phase 3 multicentre randomised trial in Prostate cancer. We presented toxicity results at the European Cancer Conference (Berlin).(EORTC 22991) and published the paper in prestigious Journal of Clinical Oncology.
6 I   collaborated with Automated Scheduling Optimisation and Planning (ASAP) Research Group at School of Computer Science, University of Nottingham. We have presented the results at various conferences round the world.
7 I am a member of Steering Committee for AB12008 study
I have reviewed the following NICE clinical audit tools for the following guidelines and I have been acknowledged in the Clinical audit tools published by NICE.
 1 Chronic myeloid leukaemia (imatinib-resistance or intolerance) – dasatinib, high-dose imatinib and nilotinib. Clinical audit tool for NICE technology appraisal guidance 241.
 2 Focal therapy using high-intensity focused ultrasound for localised prostate cancer. clinical audit tool for NICE interventional procedure guidance IPG424.
 3 Focal therapy using cryoablation for localised prostate cancer. clinical audit tool for NICE interventional procedure guidance 423.
 4 Prostate cancer: clinical audit tool for NICE technology appraisal guidance 255 and 101 (Docetaxel cabazitaxel), and NICE clinical guideline 58.
 5 Colorectal cancer: the diagnosis and management of colorectal cancer’. clinical audit tools for NICE clinical guideline 131. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7, 8, 9)
 6 Consultee to “How to” put NICE guidance into practice – A Guide to implementation for organisations.
 7 CG146 Osteoporosis: assessing the risk of fragility fracture: Implementing NICE guidance: Clinical audit tool. (Aug 2012)
 8 Breast cancer (early & locally advanced): audit support
 9 Advanced breast cancer: 2012 audit tool
 10 TA259 Prostate cancer (metastatic, castration resistant) – abiraterone (following cytoxic therapy): multiple guidance audit tool
 11 CG 144: Venous thromboembolic diseases: the management of venous thromboembolic diseases and the role of thrombophilia testing. Clinical audit tools
 12 TA255 Prostate cancer – cabazitaxel: multiple guidance audit tool
 13 CG140 Opioids in palliative care: information for patients: clinical audit tool
 14 CG140 Opioids in palliative care: initiating drug treatment: clinical audit tool
 15 Bladder Cancer Audit tool. Feb 2015
 16 TA241 Leukaemia (chronic myeloid) – dasatinib, nilotinib, imatinib (intolerant, resistant): clinical audit tool. 13 January 2012
 17 Early and locally advanced breast cancer.NICE technology appraisal guidance 250, 112, 109, 108, 107. TA250 Breast cancer (advanced) – eribulin: multiple guidance audit tool. 27 June 2012 .
18 TA263 Bevacizumab in combination with capecitabine for the first-line treatment of metastatic breast cancer: advanced breast cancer technology appraisals clinical audit tool.10 October 2012
19 Advanced breast cancer, technology appraisals NICE technology appraisal guidance 263, 257, 239, 214, 116, 34. October 2012
20 Venous thromboembolic diseases: thrombophilia testing. 2012 2013 Clinical audit tool.
21 CG131 Colorectal cancer: biological agents for metastatic colorectal cancer. Implementing NICE guidance. Aug 2012
22 Malignant cord compression. 2008. NICE clinical guideline 75. Implementation advice.
As NICE Adoption & Impact panel member, I peer reviewed the following NICE publications.
(a) NICE resource impact report for Enzalutamide in prostate cancer (Dec 2015).
(b) NICE costing report for bortezomib in Lymphoma. (Nov 2015)
(c) NICE Case scenarios for antimicrobial stewardship (Sept 2015)
(d) NICE Resource impact: Cetuximab and panitumumab for previously untreated metastatic colorectal cancer (Mar 2017).
I have peer reviewed Patient information booklets and leaflets.
Patient information on Cervical cancer (NHS Choices website- Sept 2013).
Macmillan information on chemotherapy side effects (Feb 2018).
Cancerhelp (CRUK) information on chemotherapy (2012).
 Feedback on RTOG Guidelines (pdf copy)
1 I was previously an external examiner for Therapeutic radiographers doing an advanced Radiotherapy module at the Liverpool University.
2 I regularly teach subject modules on the well regarded MSc Oncology degree course at University of Nottingham
3 I provide career advice to School students considering a career in medicine through formal introductory lectures. (‘Medisix / Medilink Conferences’).
4 I am a clinical supervisor for Foundation doctors and Specialist trainee doctors
5 I have supervised doctors doing Master of Science projects at University of Nottingham
6 I have provided vital clinical input to Phd students at University of Nottingham
7 I peer reviewed oncology book proposals submitted to the prestigious publisher Oxford university press