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  BMJ rapid responses search:
 2018 S.Sundar. 04 March 2018. The downside of being an E-patient: Sometimes ignorance is bliss.
S.Sundar. 03 March 2018. GMC is “between a rock and hard place”.
 2017 S.Sundar. 27 December 2017. Differences in normal body temperature.
S.Sundar. 16 November 2017. Re: David Oliver: Supervision and clinical autonomy for junior doctors—have we gone too far?.
S. Sundar. 20 November 2017. Re: GMC to push for erasure of paediatrician convicted of manslaughter.
S. Sundar. 18 November 2017. Re: GMC to push for erasure of paediatrician convicted of manslaughter.
S. Sundar. 16 November 2017. Re: GMC to push for erasure of paediatrician convicted of manslaughter.
S. Sundar. 16 November 2017. Re: The responses to the “cancer drugs scandal” must fully involve patients—an essay by Tessa Richards.
S. Sundar. 14 September 2017. “The computer says no”.
S. Sundar. 26 June 2017. Re: 40,000 deaths from air pollution: is it hot air?
S. Sundar. 20 May 2017. Legal paternalism masquerading as patient autonomy.
S. Sundar. 04 May 2017. Fish on a bike.
S. Sundar. 02 May 2017. Re: Addiction to exercise .
S. Sundar. 23 April 2017. Decriminalisation should not lead to destigmatisation
S. Sundar. 27 March 2017. Re: Cost effective but unaffordable: an emerging challenge for health systems.
S. Sundar. 14 March 2017. Conversation about Resuscitation.
 2016 S. Sundar. 20 November 2016. Re: Cancer drugs, survival, and ethics.
S. Sundar. 23 August 2016. Food for thought: Can restriction of antibiotic overuse help tackle the human obesity epidemic?
S. Sundar. 05 August 2016. The holy grail for the digital messiah. Is It Worth It?
S.Sundar. 27 February 2016. Digital notes are not handy
S. Sundar. 19 January 2016. Futile resuscitation: Elephant in the room.
S.Sundar. 07 January 2016. Re: Charity says NHS must deal with “woeful lack of support” for colorectal cancer survivors
S.Sundar. 07 January 2016. Shooting fish in a barrel: curing cancers that are clinically indolent.
 2015 S. Sundar. 29 November 2015. Re: Low priority given to original research in the new print version of The BMJ.
S. Sundar. 29 November 2015. Re: The title “Doctor” is an anachronism that disrespects patients.
S. Sundar. 20 November 2015. Calls for retraction of scientific opinion are unscientific.
S. Sundar. 05 November 2015. Legal case marks the beginning of the end for NHS.
S. Sundar. 22 September 2015. Addenbrooke’s Hospital : is it good or bad?
S. Sundar. 12 September 2015. Antibiotic misuse: doctors are easy targets but not the right ones.
S. Sundar. 18 May 2015. Paternalism as a choice.
S. Sundar. 29 March 2015. Ruling on Consent trample on ‘Right to fair trial’.
S. Sundar. 29 March 2015. Case based laws are turning into ’emperors new clothes’.
S. Sundar. 22 March 2015. New law on consent will burden the seriously ill with ‘information overload’.
S. Sundar. 26 February 2015. Re: Canadian paper retreats after vaccine story sparks furor.
S.Sundar. 21 February 2015. Vaccines need a Saatchi makeover
S.Sundar. 26 February 2015. Re: Canadian paper retreats after vaccine story sparks furor
S. Sundar. 11 January 2015. Surgical knives under microscope: more not less .
 2014 S. Sundar. 21 December 2014. To name is human.
S. Sundar. 31 October 2014. Milk and Mortality: The elephant in the room.
S. Sundar. 18 October 2014. Gaming of Clinician level Mortality data.
S. Sundar. 23 June 2014. Re: The BMJ statins papers misrepresent the facts.
S. Sundar. 24 May 2014. Re: Adverse effects of statins.
S. Sundar. 06 May 2014. Re: Median survival of cancer patients has risen from one to 10 years over past 40 years.
S. Sundar. 26 April 2014. Re: The “Saatchi bill” will allow responsible innovation in treatment.
S. Sundar. 20 April 2014. Re: The “Saatchi bill” will allow responsible innovation in treatment.
S. Sundar. 02 April 2014. Re: Should medical students be taught alternative medicine?
S. Sundar. 01 April 2014. Re: Influence of blood prostate specific antigen levels at age 60 on benefits and harms of prostate cancer screening:
S. Sundar. 31 March 2014. Re: Prostatectomy v radiotherapy: possible detrimental effect of hormonal manipulation in patients receiving radiotherapy.
S.Sundar. 21 March 2014. Re: Comparative effectiveness of radical prostatectomy and radiotherapy in prostate cancer: observational study of mortality
S.Sundar. 10 March 2014. Re: Comparative effectiveness of radical prostatectomy and radiotherapy in prostate cancer: observational study of mortality.
S.Sundar. 09 March 2014. Re: We are all businesspeople now .
 2013 S. Sundar. 28 October 2013. Re: The art of deception.
S. Sundar. 28 September 2013. Re: Are you 45% more likely to die in a UK hospital rather than a US hospital?
S.Sundar. 16 September 2013. Re: Thyroid cancer: zealous imaging has increased detection and treatment of low risk tumours.
S. Sundar. 27 August 2013. Re: The BMA and its staff’s private health cover.
S.Sundar. 27 July 2013. Re: It’s time to ban obesity in NHS employees
S. Sundar. 24 July 2013. Re: When a test is too good: how CT pulmonary angiograms find pulmonary emboli that do not need to be found.
S. Sundar. 29 June 2013. Re: Saying no to chemotherapy.
S. Sundar. 30 May 2013. Re: Admission to hospital could be considered a disease.
S. Sundar. 28 May 2013. Re: Cancer risk in 680 000 people exposed to computed tomography scans in childhood or adolescence:
S. Sundar. 30 April 2013. Re: Risk of overdiagnosis doesn’t deter women from breast cancer screening, study finds.
S. Sundar. 03 April 2013. Re: Will 1 April mark the beginning of the end of England’s NHS? Yes.
S. Sundar. 11 March 2013. Re: Thousands of medical students in “unacceptable” situation after foundation school allocation error 
S. Sundar. 05 March 2013. Re: The cause of clinical variance.
S. Sundar. 10 February 2013. Re: Doctors no longer need medical secretaries.
S. Sundar. 06 January 2013. Re: Using speed of ageing and “microlives” to communicate the effects of lifetime habits and environment.
 2012 S. Sundar. 26 December 2012. Re: Time for a “patient’s page” in hospital notes.
S. Sundar. 24 December 2012. Re: Death can be our friend.
S.Sundar. 17 December 2012. Re: Monoclonal antibodies: magic bullets with a hefty price tag.
S.Sundar. 17 December 2012. Re: Patient leaflets are worthless 
S.Sundar. 11 November 2012, Re: Breaking good news
S.Sundar. 26 October 2012..Re: Guidelines should reflect all knowledge, not just clinical trials.
S.Sundar. 2 July 2012. Individual budgets: Avoiding exploitation and postcode lottery. BMJ Supportive Palliative Care 2012.
S. Sundar. 4th June 2012. Re: Preventing overdiagnosis: how to stop harming the healthy.
S. Sundar. 22 April 2012. Re: Don’t beam me up just yet.
 S.Sundar. 24 April 2012. Re: Is spending on proton beam therapy for cancer going too far, too fast?.
S. Sundar . 14 January 2012. Re: Overdiagnosis from non-progressive cancer detected by screening mammography:
 2011 S.Sundar. 30 Dec 2011. Re: Death can be our friend.
S. Sundar. 28 December 2011. Re: Death can be our friend
S. Sundar. 26 December 2011. Re: Death can be our friend.
S.Sundar. 18 September 2011. Blurring of Health-Disease-Health transitions.
S.Sundar. 15 September 2011. Squeezing a Quart into a pint pot.
S.Sundar. 29 August 2011 . The ‘missing data’.
S.Sundar. 29 August 2011. Cancer patients follow up and a new role for GPs.
S.Sundar. 10 August 2011. Is battlefield ethics an oxymoron?
S.Sundar. 03 August 2011. Scientific Censorship?
S.Sundar. 18 July 2011. Re: Dr McNulty & Williams- Intrepreting investigations.
Dr S Sundar, Dr WSA Smellie. Utility of Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) measurement in prostate cancer.
S.Sundar. 18 July 2011. Convoluted statistics and confused clinicians.
S.Sundar . 13 June 2011 . DRE is useless for follow up of prostate cancer patients.
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Santhanam Sundar. 26 November 2006. Organ removal is not necessary for cure of Cancer.
 2004 S Sundar. 19 June 2004. Stigmatisation benefits even smokers who develop a Cancer.
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S Sundar. 24 February 2004. PSA Screening: Honest information is always better than patronising advice.
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S. Sundar. 04 August 2001. Coping strategies and complementary medicine.
S. Sundar. 25 August 2001. Perpetuating the Stigma of mental illness.
 2000 Sundar Santhanam. 18 December 2000. Ketorolac and Cancer Pain.
Sundar Santhanam. 03 December 2000. The rainbow of Coping Mechanisms.
Sundar Santhanam. 13 November 2000. Microscopic size does matter.