Perceptions matter

People’s perception and expectations do affect their health care.

Palliative care physicians, at least in UK, are mainly based or linked to hospices.

In UK , hospices often provide terminal care to cancer patients. The hospice team provide a invaluable service in terms of minimising the patient’s suffering as the cancer takes its toll.

Palliative care physicians are an integral part of terminal care team. But they are often able to offer more than terminal care. Their significant expertise can be of immense help to patients in “early” part of cancer journey.

But the perception that a referral to palliative care team at hospice is bad news hinders some patients….

One option to overcome the stigma would be relocation of palliative care departments to cancer centres at hospitals so that the referral to palliative care team doesn’t have a negative connotation .

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“Palliative care: relocation rather than rebranding is needed” published online by BMJ.

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