Are takeaway deliveries risky during Coronavirus pandemic?

Possibly yes, if food is not properly handled during preparation, packaging and delivery.

It is likely the risks from properly prepared food and food packaging itself are minimal. There is more risk from interaction with the delivery person.

If you are shielding or a very old person, there is a chance the food delivery person might pass on the infection to you. Stay at safe distance, use gloves and masks, and advice the delivery to be left at door for collection. Wipe Clean outside packaging and transfer contents to your own containers.

But for young adults the risk is likely to be very small.

Most importantly, it has to pointed out that everything in life has some risks. If you are not buying a takeaway, you might have to go shops or supermarkets to buy food for cooking and eating. There is a risk of catching cornovirus from other people while shopping !

There is a good article in BBC titled “ Coronavirus: How safe are takeaways and supermarket deliveries?

A previous blog post also gives information about survival of coronavirus in artificial surfaces

References: Can you catch Coronavirus infection from Soft drink cans, Sandwich wrapper and Amazon Parcels?

Coronavirus: How safe are takeaways and supermarket deliveries? By Victoria Gill
Science correspondent, BBC News

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