Should you avoid the Hospitals during this third wave of COVID pandemic?

Yes and No. It depends on how important your hospital visit is.

Recent news reports say that a significant number of patients acquired COVID during their hospital stay. Hospital acquired infections are a serious concern.

Yes, avoid, if you are trying to visit a family member admitted for a routine or elective medical procedure and is doing well.

Yes, avoid, if you can have a satisfactory phone or video consultation with medical team.

No, you should NOT avoid if you have any serious illness like heart attacks, stroke or cancer.

Everything in medicine depends on an assessment of risks versus benefits. For many patients with serious illness, on the whole, the benefits of proper treatment are likely to outweigh the risks of serious problems from COVID and risks can be managed.

If in doubt, ask your doctors or nurse about it. Do not take any action without discussing your concerns with your medical team.


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