Can companies force you to have the COVID vaccine and say ‘no jab, no job’ ?

Possibly yes, if it is important for your job.

A BBC report discusses the legality of it .

Vast majority of people are desperate to have vaccination and some people are even queue jumping. So this issue is of relevance to some people only and that too when vaccines are freely available to all.

If you are a plumber, who may be visiting the homes of Vulnerable people or a Care Home worker looking after very elderly people, it may be justifiable to say ‘no jab, no job’.

Balancing individual Liberty versus the benefit of others would be a legal minefield particularly when existing workers are concerned.

Furthermore, there are still lot of things we do not know how vaccines. We do not know how long they will protect somebody. We do not know whether all vaccines have similar efficacy. We do not know about the extent to which vaccines would be effective against any variants.

So “Vaccine passport” for ALL types of jobs is a unlikely now.

BBC News. Coronavirus: ‘No jab, no job’ policies may be legal for new staff. 18 Feb 2021.

BBC news. Covid vaccine passports could discriminate, experts warn
By Rachel Schraer
Health reporter

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