Which COVID vaccine is the best ?

All vaccines approved by the regulatory authorities are in fact good.

No need to be choosy as there is no head to head comparative data.

Pfizer is new exciting technology. (‘mRNA technology’).

Astra Zeneca is based on tried and tested, old reliable technology. (‘viral vector’ technology).

In fact, ‘anything is better than nothing’ principle applies; any of the approved Vaccines would be helpful during this dreadful pandemic .

Israel easing restrictions following vaccination proves vaccines are our way of this horrible pandemic.


BBC news. Coronavirus doctor’s diary: Don’t ask me which vaccine is best, please.

Daily Mail: So which Covid vaccines is Britain getting – and which one is the best? How two companies’ jabs are already being used, another is coming in March and two more could be approved within weeks. By Connor Boyd Assistant Health Editor For Mailonline
11:58, 29 Jan 2021 , updated 02:00, 30 Jan 2021

BBC news. Israel eases restrictions following vaccine success.

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