Should hormone therapy be used before or after prostate radiotherpy?

Combination therapy with Hormone therapy and Radiotherapy is used with curative intent for treatment of prostate cancer.

There is some debate which treatment should be started first. At present, the hormone therapy is started first and radiotherpy is started second at a later date.

This is because many previous clinical trials, which found beneficial effects for the combination therapy, involved starting hormones first.

One advantage of starting hormone therapy immediately and delaying the start date of radiotherpy is that hormone therapy shrinks the size of prostate before radiotherpy . This greatly helps when image-guided Radiotherpy is planned later on.

A group of high Calibre researchers and authors from Canada and USA have published paper arguing in favour of radiotherpy starting first and starting hormones afterwards.

Some of the authors behind this paper in Journal of Clinical oncology have previously published seminal, practice changing, papers in field of prostate cancer.

My personal view, is that we have to wait for confirmatory evidence before changing the current practice.

I have to resort to the megaphone of a provocative headline grabbing title so that oncologists won’t uncritically accept the conclusion of the paper

Read the original paper and my published response .

Adjuvant Hormone Therapy After Prostate Radiation: Is This Data Torture?

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