Is PTSD over diagnosed?

Some Soldiers from world war one, suffered from what is then known as “shell shock

“Shell Shock” would have been very devastating when there was less recognition of that condition.

Fast forward a few decades, a committee of wise men and women, relabelled the condition as “Post Traumatic stress disorder” (PTSD)

The criteria for diagnosis of PTSD is much wider and all encompassing, with inclusion of trauma from road accidents and crime as well as indirect exposure to trauma through professional attendance at a crime scene or site of an accident.

There is concern whether PTSD is now over-diagnosed. There is a debate at the BMJ journal. Please do read my views and submit your views through the rapid response section.


BMJ Head To Head.
Is PTSD overdiagnosed?
BMJ 2021; 373 doi: (Published 05 May 2021)
Cite this as: BMJ 2021;373:n787

S Sundar. Rapid Response: Over diagnosis hurts those most in need.

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