U.K. approach to vaccination proven to be the right one. Is it Luck or Foresight?

UK government wanted as many people have “some” degree of protection against the COVID-19 rather a only few people having “full” protection against COVID-19.

A recent paper published in BMJ validates the U.K. approach even though it was initially criticised by WHO ( world health organisation)..

Is it Luck or Foresight that U.K. Govt got it right? Probably both but more foresight than luck. Perhaps a cappuccino cup of foresight sprinkled with chocolate of luck.

Guardian. No data to support UK delay of vaccines’ second dose, says WHO.
Sarah Boseley Health editor
Tue 5 Jan 2021 19.48 GMT

Daily Mail. UK should feel ‘vindicated’ over its ‘brave’ decision to delay second doses of Covid vaccines, World Health Organization official says. By Sam Blanchard Deputy Health Editor For Mailonline. 13:29, 08 Feb 2021 , updated 15:03, 08 Feb 2021

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