Medical Negligence Jackpot

Modern Medicine is not without risks.

Practically all interventions or even non-interventions can cause harm. For example, a doctor simply encouraging a patient to drink more water or recommending bed rest can be harmful in certain medical circumstances.

Many medical harms ( side effects and complications) are certainly not due to significant clinical negligence.

But in the small minority where harm is due to clinical negligence ( albeit un-intentional ), getting compensation is not straightforward.

It is a shame that not everyone who suffers medical harm is able to seek compensation.

Patients usually have to prove medical negligence to get compensation and only a small fraction of people do have the time, money and drive to pursue a negligence claim through legal process. It seems like a jack-pot where a few win big amounts while others receive nothing.

A recent hotly debated case about a doctor who did not strongly recommend folic acid to a mother, has re-opened the discussion on no-fault compensation.

Read the articles in the BMJ and respond if you can.


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