Another drug to fight severe COVID

More good news !

The new drug for COVID is called baricitinib.

The drug Baricitinib is not a brand new drug. It is normally used to treat a type of joint problem called rheumatoid arthritis. Now, this drug has been found to be very beneficial in patients suffering from severe COVID.

The drug was evaluated as part of the renowned RECOVERY trial.

RECOVERY ( Randomised Evaluation of Covid-19 Therapy) trial is led by investigators in U.K.

The trial found that Baricitinib reduces the risk of death by around one fifth in patients with severe covid-19.

On the other hand, Some bad news about a drug who was thought to be promising before. Questions have been raised about the actual benefit , if any, from a previously approved drug called Molnupiravir.

Overall, at present, we have lot more drugs to tackle COVID in addition to the Vaccines.


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