Should one-off errors by honest doctors need to be punished harshly?

Patients trust their doctors to do their job competently with due diligence each and every time, without any exception.

In an ideal world, doctors should do their utmost to justify their patients trust and confidence.

Doctors who persistently underperform need to be punished. Doctors who willfully and knowingly harm their patients should be punished harshly.

But doctors are human beings. Human beings are never perfect in whatever work they do.

Furthermore, the “Practice of Medicine” is more of an art balancing probabilities rather than an exact science with discrete answers all the time to every problem.

So unintentional medical errors happen all the time.

There are extremely few doctors who haven’t done an honest mistake or error in their entire career. So if all doctors are punished harshly each and every-time an honest error occurs , there will be few doctors left who won’t practice defensively.

Defensive medicine has a cost. Defensive Medicine would push up the cost of medical care further. And fewer and fewer people would be able to afford medical care.

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Article: GMC: harsh punishment is a sword of Damocles 
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