Why advanced cancer patients choose to have chemotherapy!

Many people would be surprised to learn that cancer patients with advanced incurable cancer actively choose chemotherapy for relatively small benefits.

Chemotherapy has the potential to relieve cancer related symptoms but in many advanced cancers, Chemotherapy prolongs survival ( on average ) only by a few months . Yet, lot of patients do opt to try chemotherapy which can be sometimes quite toxic.

Even in countries such as U.K. where oncologists are NOT on a fee for service contract (such as NHS), lot of patients do opt for Chemotherapy.

Perhaps, Chemotherapy gives hope for people not ready to face death.

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BMJ Article: Death, futility, and oncology

Free to access link: http://bmj.com/cgi/content/full/bmj.o1785?ijkey=Du1yaSA5KhkGz23&keytype=ref

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