Should NHS staff be forced to have COVID-19 vaccines?

U.K. Government vaccine minister announced over weekend that compulsory COVID vaccinations are being considered for NHS staff.

Majority of NHS staff believe in the vaccine and so it is not an issue for most NHS staff. But a small minority of staff are either sceptical or they have some other reasons why they were not able to have the vaccine.

Should those NHS staff be forced to have COVID-19 vaccines?

It is a tough question. Compulsory vaccines have caused huge backlash in past among the general population as well as among some in medical profession.

On the other hand, Vaccination against Hepatitis is already mandatory for NHS surgeons and this is not a new thing.

The vaccination of staff is not only for personal protection but also to prevent NHS staff spreading infection to vulnerable patients.

For instance, many patients recently caught COVID in hospitals. Both Guardian and Daily Mail report that up to 8,700 patients died after catching Covid in English hospitals.

Usually, NHS workers as individuals are allowed to make their own choice particularly with regards to annual flu vaccines.

But during this pandemic, NHS has to balance individual choice against the greater good to the population.

There are no easy answers !


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