New Pill for COVID

A new antiviral pill for COVID is very promising. It may be used widely to control the infection in people suffering from early stages of illness.

But the pill does NOT seem to work very well in people with severe illness.

It is important to note that “Prevention is better than cure”. That’s why using COVID vaccines to prevent the disease in first place is a better option.

COVID Vaccines will continue to play the lead role in controlling the COVID pandemic.

The antiviral pill by the made by the company Merck is likely to become the first approved oral medication effective against coronavirus. But other companies, including Pfizer, are also developing new oral antiviral medications.

Dexamethasone and other steroid pills, which can help COVID illness, do NOT have direct antiviral activity.

Overall, this antiviral pill is another promising step towards complete normality.


BBC Covid antiviral pill can halve risk of hospitalisation
By Jim Reed
Health reporter

Guardian. Covid antiviral pill halves hospitalisations and deaths.
Merck’s antiviral drug, molnupiravir.

Hannah Devlin Science correspondent
Fri 1 Oct 2021 15.56 BST

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