Why is the COVID booster needed ?

Two reasons

One, immunity levels decrease after about six months . The extra shot boosts the immune system.

Two, the end of pandemic once again is pushed away as a new omicron variant has now come on the scene


Will Britain need a £1billion Covid booster vaccine roll-out for EVERYONE every winter? Two doses of Pfizer’s vaccine wane after six months no matter what age you are, major Israeli study finds. By Joe Davies For Mailonline
13:32, 17 Nov 2021 , updated 15:55, 17 Nov 2021.

Daily UK Covid cases breach 50,000 for first time in a month after rising 13% in a week and deaths creep up 2% to 160 but hospital admissions fall for 10th day in a row. By Luke Andrews Health Reporter and Rory Tingle, Home Affairs Correspondent For Mailonline
16:37, 26 Nov 2021 , updated 18:39, 26 Nov 2021

Boris ‘plans travel bans on MORE countries over Christmas’ amid fears of new Covid super-variant Omicron as health chiefs call for calm and say there is ‘no plausible scenario’ strain will take UK back to ‘square one’. By Shaun Wooller and Eleanor Hayward and Claire Ellicot For The Daily Mail and Tom Pyman For Mailonline
22:00, 26 Nov 2021 , updated 01:58, 27 Nov 2021

BBC Covid: Face masks re-introduced as UK Omicron cases found

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