Can vitamins increase risk of cancer ?


Vitamins are absolutely essential nutrients and vitamin deficiency causes various illness.

But a high dose of vitamin, far too much than needed by the body, is also bad.

Everything in moderation is good. Even an abundance of a good thing is bad.

It is similar to food. Lack of food would cause starvation and even death in the extreme. But too much of food causes obesity and other health problems. Same principle applies to vitamins.

A Cochrane review looked at the ability of vitamins to prevent lung cancer. The review concluded that there is “no beneficial effect of supplements for the prevention of lung cancer and lung cancer mortality in healthy people”

Worryingly, the review also found that the following:

Vitamin A supplements increase lung cancer incidence and mortality in smokers or persons exposed to asbestos”.

Vitamin C increases lung cancer incidence in women.

Vitamin E increases the risk of haemorrhagic strokes.

So if you are having a healthy balanced diet, be careful with vitamin supplements.

Drugs for preventing lung cancer in healthy people
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